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The exhibition was founded in 2017 and hosted by Shandong Zhongjiu Exhibition Service Co., Ltd. in 2022. It is a subsidiary of the Jiuyejia Group and is headquartered in Wuhan, China. After eight years of development, the Shandong Zhongjiu Exhibition hosted by the company has grown from 10000 square meters to 150000 square meters, with exhibitors from over 100 to over a thousand. Every year, nearly 100000 professional visitors visit, purchase, exchange, and learn on-site. Along with the development of China's liquor industry, the China National Liquor Exhibition is also constantly evolving, upgrading, and becoming a leader in high-end liquor exhibitions in China.

In addition, the company hosts over 20 events and conferences in the wine industry every year, among which the International Wine Market Forum, Global Wine G50 Summit, Packaging and Packaging Materials Forum, China Wine Industry Festival and other forum activities have attracted nearly 10000 professionals and industry experts from the wine industry.

The First China high-end wine Exhibition
CWE was rated as one of the "Top 10 Excellent Exhibitions in China" by China Conference & Exhibition Industry

The Second China high-end wine Exhibition
It Won the "China Brand Exhibition Gold Award in the 40th year of Reform and Opening up"
The Third China high-end wine Exhibition
Won the "China's Most Characteristic Professional Exhibition Award"

Guangzhou China high-end wine Exhibition  

Jinan China high-end wine Exhibition

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