Why Take Part in the Exhibition

Industry Benchmark Exhibition

This industry event of a certain scale is the preferred channel to enter and open up the wine business. With the industry giants in the same platform, you can comprehensively enhance your corporate image and your brand value.

High-quality Buyers

CHWSE provides direct access to purchasing decision makers! More than 158,000 distributors, agents and intermediaries will go to the exhibition to purchase products and find suppliers on site. By doing so, the market space and brand power of enterprises will be expanded infinitely.

Industry Exchange Platform

Local government, industry associations, and many professional wine channels prefer to attend the exhibition. CHWSE is an excellent platform for establishing strategic partners and building industry contacts.

Continuously Exploring New Markets

It is the preferred platform for releasing new products, promoting new technologies, understanding new policies, obtaining new information and exploring new business opportunities. Meanwhile, it's also a good opportunity to enhance industry recognition, helping wine companies successfully expand new tracks and seize new markets.

Series of Value-added Services

A series of value-added services, such as comprehensive marketing, one-on-one professional buyer invitation and VIP reception service, ensure the quality and quantity of enterprise exhibitors.

Resolutely Anti-counterfeiting

CHWSE is the only high-end wine exhibition in China that dares to commit to "resisting the fake wine and carrying out the mechanism of a pentalty at 1000000". It strongly prohibits fake brands and wine to ensure the rights and interests of exhibitors from the root. And it works to bring a super feast for the Chinese wine industry to select the best products.

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