Wine Industry Media was founded in 2014  by Lin Xiang, the former senior journalist of First Financial Daily. At present, it has developed into a leading service platform for the wine and food industry in China. Wine Industry Media mainly operates two sections: wine industry media and wine professional exhibitions. The wine industry media section is currently the most influential financial media of wine in China. With more than 800,000 active users reading it every day, the core readers are mainly first-line wine distributors, wine manufacturers and brands. With gradually expanding influence of the media section, the China High-End Wine Spirits Expo was first held in Jinan in August, 2017 under the support of the China Food Association. Now it has been successfully held for five consecutive sessions, and has developed from one exhibition per year to two exhibitions per year. In its sixth year, the China High-End Wine Spirits Expo has become a one-stop sourcing platform for the entire wine industry chain and is widely recognized by the industry. At present, the China High-End Wine Spirit Expo has turned into the second largest professional B2B exhibition in the wine industry. Meanwhile, it is also the second exhibition in the wine industry that has been certified by the International Exhibition and Convention Industry Association.

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